Who am I?

I'm Arttu Ylä-Sahra, a Finnish man born in 1994. I'm a graduate student of Mathematical Information Technology at the University of Jyväskylä, having graduated as a BSc majoring in Mathematical Information of Technology in late 2017.

What do I do now?

At the present time, I'm pursuing a masters' degree (currently) full-time. I have also worked as an adjunct instructor for the Programming 2 course held at JYU for the spring 2018 (and to a smaller degree in 2019). My masters' degree studies are near their completion, with one of the only substantial things remaining being a masters' thesis.

What's my IT background?

I do maintain a wide range of personal IT stuff myself, including this very website. I do tend to focus more towards backend stuff, but I also try to develop a decent basic skillset in terms of frontend as well. I like to try new things, but I do not disregard old, stable methods either. This has led to a wide range of experience, varying from highly popular, industry standard platforms like CentOS to less known technologies like GPG smartcards and NixOS functional Linux.

In particular, I like to follow general IT trends, and subscribe to the principle of maintaining control of my own information systems. Per that principle, I limit the scope of Internet services I use today, and prefer to use open-source software where reasonable. Suffice to say, IoT devices have not found a solid ground in my household, unless you count my VLANified OpenWRT router.

As of more recreational IT activities, I also like to work with retro computers and consoles. I believe keeping computing history alive is important, and strive to ensure that I have both original hardware and original software in service, as close as possible to their original form. I do not eschew modern consoles though, and do solidly enjoy a round of both modern and vintage Super Mario games every now in a while.

Other interests

I enjoy cooking, bicycling (both as a leisure activity and as a way to keep fit), and photography.

Dev skills at a glance


  • Rust ★★★★
  • C# ★★★★

  • Golang ★★★
  • Elixir ★★★
  • Ruby ★★★
  • Java ★★★

  • Haskell ★★
  • Python ★★
  • C ★★


  • Linux ★★★★

  • TypeScript ★★★
  • Postgres ★★★
  • ESXi ★★★
  • Nginx ★★★

  • Vue.js (and to lesser degree, Vuetify) ★★