Coding portfolio

I have completed various larger and smaller software projects. This page is a listing of various programs I’ve created, categorized by their size and activity


These are generally on the larger side, developed within a longer extent of time than one-shot programs described below.


An interpreter for a Scheme/LISP-like language written in Rust, originally implemented as an assignment for a compiler course. Has a live WebAssembly demonstration right on the webpage! Come see the interpreter by following this link

Konsensus Mk II

The new, modernized version of the Konsensus tool, the site generator powering this very site.


An audio recognition tool developed in summer 2018, currently in a working prototype stage but not actively developed.

Konsensus Mk I

The legacy version of the Konsensus site generator program, powered this site from early 2017 to late 2018.


A programming project I completed for an elective university course, analyzing folder structures. See DiskArchaeologist here


A simple Ruby-based wrapper designed for Minecraft servers.


Was-to-be a heavy-duty CMS, but as it stands, highly incomplete at the present time. Pending a substantial rewrite of the Vue.js UI structures, plus implementation of useful features. See Koodeksi by clicking here

One-shot programs

These things are smaller programs that were written for a single purpose (often alongside a text), and are not actively developed


A fully functional Othello game implemented in Haskell, with AI as well. Tutorial series for Haskellversi and link to source here


A simple Boggle word finder implemented in Haskell. Source code and explanation of Bogglesolver here


A headless Pi internet radio that communicates by a synthesized voice. Project log for VPR here


Sound using a Pi, but not using the 3.5mm port or any other specialized output. Project log for RPiDAC here