Konsensus Mk II

Konsensus Mk II is the current site generator. For various reasons, I decided it is a time to phase out the older site generator, and bring the entire site to a newer age. All you see on this site has been generated with this tool!

It is written in Golang, and uses various helper libraries like Blackfriday, Chroma, and github.com/ghodss/yaml.

Features include following:

The schema model is a fair bit different from the old Konsensus program, and is now in a YAML format

base_static_dir: "../../web-scaffold/webroot"
base_template_file: "./template.html"
  home: Home
  whoami: About
  coding: Coding
  weblog: Weblog
  contact: Contact me
# --- SNIP ---
- path: "/coding/konsensus/mkii"
  type: markdown
  data: "./markdown/coding/konsensus-mkii.md"
    title: Coding
    render_toc: true
    - - coding
      - Larger software
      - Konsensus
      - Mk II

As it stands, this revision of the site also holds secrets. As such, the source code for this application is not immediately available in the full form.