Sewing a sunglasses pouch - lessons learnt by a beginner

I’ve taken up the hobby of sewing. This time, I decided to embark on an adventure of sewing a pouch for sunglasses. I (loosely - important later on!) followed Robert Kaufman’s pattern. Lessons to be learned, particularly by a beginner who hadn’t sewn anything since middle school before this year.

As I didn’t happen to have interfacing fabric, I instead opted to adapt the pattern a bit - omit the interfacing, and instead have fleece directly as inner fabric. This.. didn’t work as neatly as I expected

Cutting the pattern

I started by drawing the pattern on a piece of card stock. This helped to keep the pattern in place when cutting, respectively on fleece and on denim.

Pattern being cut on fleece

At this point, the guide would have instructed pressing edges on the inner fabric. As it was fleece, I wasn’t quite sure if it was possible to do with an clothes iron without damaging the fabric (mistake 1!), so I skipped it.


And now we get to the sewing part

Denim being sewn Fleece being sewn

At this point, it turned out that fleece is actually somewhat tricky of a fabric to sew - it tends to slip, and I needed to gently guide it with both hands to get even stitching. That wasn’t too much of a challenge though, but..

Edge-stitching (or attempt!)

The pattern instructed to carefully and slowly edge-stitch the inner fabric on top of the outer fabric. This is where my omissions in earlier steps came back to bite me, in following ways:


I was able to complete it, but I had to go back and mend some of the worst defects with textile glue.

Finished product

And from this, I was left with this:

Finished product

If I did this again, I’ll get proper fusible fleece and use a slimmer, easier fabric as the inner fabric - also ensuring it is a fabric you can press! It could have made quite a bit of difference.

Not a professional grade product by any means , but serviceable. My intended conclusion (and what I hope you also take away from this) is: read instructions carefully, and think about why they are as they are. I already completed a canvas bag as well, following instructions more diligently - and guess what? The quality turned out to be substantially better as well!

EDIT: So after a first wash, the seams fell apart at the edge, totally and irrevocably - guess the attachment wasn’t as strong as it appeared on the surface. I kind of feared it would happen, but it underscores my point made earlier on. Don’t try to cut corners, do it properly. On the flipside - after following a more suitable tutorial, I now have a proper case as well - do notice the edge looks much, much cleaner:

A sunglass pouch redone