Project index

What's this?

On this page, I'll present some (both large and small) projects of mine that I wish to show to the public. Some of them are related to a blog post/posts as well, which may be of interest.

Larger software projects


The site generator powering this very website since early 2017. Learn more about it from here


A project I completed for an elective university course, analyzing folder structures. Unmaintained at the present time. See it here


Was-to-be a heavy-duty CMS, but as it stands, highly incomplete at the present time. Pending substantial rewrite of the Vue.js UI structures. Available but on hiatus at GitLab

Smaller projects


A fully functional Othello game implemented in Haskell, with AI as well. See it here


A simple Boggle word finder implemented in Haskell. See it here


A headless Pi internet radio that communicates by a synthesized voice. See it here


A simple Ruby-based wrapper designed for Minecraft servers. See it here


Sound using a Pi, but not using the 3.5mm port or any other specialized output. Interested?

Other texts

Pintograph - theory and implementation in Python

A writeup on the background generator I implemented in Python, based on the concept of a certain mechanical drawing device. Includes a mathematical explanation, suitable for those able to read fairly straightforwards proofs and trigonometric derivations. See it here.