List of texts

I do sometimes write texts on various topics. This page is an index of those texts, organized according to the year and subject.

Technical texts

These texts are somewhat a hybrid between actual coding projects and theoretical texts further below, containing characteristics of both.


Useful observations on running NixOS as a server

A short memo of sorts, listing up certain useful observations I’ve made running NixOS as a home server.


Backdooring a router

A writeup originally for an university course describing how to backdoor a perfectly benign TP-Link router, as presented at JySec, in the format of a PDF file, originally an assignment


Sound using a Pi, but not using the 3.5mm port or any other specialized output. See here



A text on implementing a Reversi/Othello AI in Haskell. Click here to read the slightly rewritten version, or to download the original version.


A simple Boggle-solving Haskell program, with the associated technical explanation. Click here.


A headless Pi internet radio that communicates by a synthesized voice. See the technical description here

Theoretical texts

These texts are of somewhat more theoretical nature, focusing less on the implementation aspect than the technical texts indexed on this page.


SSH Bots Attack Again!

When I took a data mining course, I took the opportunity to continue my SSH bot research. Link to text and materials.


SSH Bots Attack!

First instance of research I did on SSH traffic patterns to my home server, and results found. Link.

GnuPG SC first impressions

A short text on first impressions acquiring and using a GnuPG smart card. Link.


An old text about deriving a precise mathematical definition for a pintograph. Link.