List of texts

I occasionally write texts on various topics. This page is an index of those texts, organized according to the year and subject.


Backdooring a router

A writeup originally for an university course describing how to backdoor a perfectly benign TP-Link router, as presented at JySec, in PDF

SSH Bots Attack Again!

When I took a data mining course, I took the opportunity to continue my SSH bot research. Link to text and materials.


Sound using a Pi, but not using the 3.5mm port or any other specialized output. See here


SSH Bots Attack!

First research I did on SSH traffic patterns to my home server, and results found. Link.


A simple Boggle-solving Haskell program, with the associated technical explanation. Click here.


A headless Pi internet radio that communicates by a synthesized voice. See the technical description here


A tutorial series on crafting a Reversi AI in Haskell! See the parts:

GnuPG SC first impressions

A short text on first impressions acquiring and using a GnuPG smart card. Link.


An old text about deriving a precise mathematical definition for a pintograph. Link.