What this weblog shall contain?

To put it bluntly: dunno. I plan to jot down any things of interest, or something I wish to publish. There's no specific assigned theme, although I'd suspect it will, no doubt, be related to technology.

I will also provision a commenting system, available by a simple click on the bottom of each page. The link will open up a Disqus commenting box.

How to navigate?

Take a look at the sidebar on your left. By clicking a year, it will show you the index of content from that specific year, in alphabetic order. Posts may also contain references to other pages (e.g they form a series), which may also be useful to follow.

Rules and regulations

All comments, where available, may be moderated at will with or without a stated reason! The comment boxes operate at the site owner's pleasure, and may be altered or terminated without prior warning. Any content that seems questionable may be reported to the relevant authorities. Finnish law is followed in question of what shall be considered legally permissible.

In other words: this domain is my personal fiefdom, and I shall govern it as such. A relevant XKCD comic explains the point well.

Comments are their writers' independent opinions, and may not represent or agree with the opinion of the site's owner either in whole or part.