This program has been phased out, and is no longer in use. This description has been left up for historical purposes. You may perhaps want to visit Konsensus Mk III instead?

Konsensus Mk II

Konsensus Mk II is the current site generator. For various reasons, I decided it is a time to phase out the older site generator, and bring the entire site to a new age. All you see on this site has been generated with this tool!

It is written in Golang, and uses various helper libraries like Blackfriday, Chroma, and

Image of the current site

The current instance is a slightly remastered version of the original Mk II program. Below is a screenshot of a page generated by the original version

Image of the old site

Features include following:

  • Generates static pages, with no intristic JS required for operation (but enhancing it!)
  • Handles both Markdown and raw HTML templates elegantly
  • Code highlighting is native and doesn’t need JS shims.
  • Support for fast loading; if JS is available, load only the new content instead of reloading the entire page.

The schema model is a fair bit different from the old Konsensus program, and is now in a YAML format

base_static_dir: "../../web-scaffold/webroot"
base_template_file: "./template.html"
  home: Home
  whoami: About
  coding: Coding
  weblog: Weblog
  contact: Contact me
# --- SNIP ---
- path: "/coding/konsensus/mkii"
  type: markdown
  data: "./markdown/coding/"
    title: Coding
    render_toc: true
    - - coding
      - Larger software
      - Konsensus
      - Mk II

As it stands, this revision of the site also holds secrets. As such, the source code for this application is not immediately available in the full form.

From autumn 2020, this version of the program is no longer in use. The engine has been rewritten from ground up (again) in Ruby, and is now known as Konsensus Mk III.

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