Konsensus Mk III

In 2020, it was again the time for a rewrite. This time with lots of simplification. I decided to cut with the visual trim, and design the site text content-first, as you can see.

Particular features include:

  • Cloud-first design: no special backend tooling required, can be used in an automated CI/CD system. This website is automatically built on change via Amazon CodePipeline. What luxury is that!
  • Gradual features - no JS is required for the page to render, various rendering properties (e.g. target, color availability) are considered within CSS. Extraneous user-friendly features are generally implemented in JS, as to avoid cluttering the HTML files themselves with data not necessary to simpler devices and viewers.
  • Automation support - pages are constructed with ERB and views can access the entire schema, allowing for instance dynamic lists of content to be easily constructed and customized.

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